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Friday, April 06, 2007

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Nigeria: Recapitalised Insurance Firms Demand N50bn Refund -

Thu, 05 Apr 2007 14:38:29 GMT

Nigeria: Recapitalised Insurance Firms Demand N50bn Refund, Washington - 7 hours ago
The Chairman of Nigeria Insurance Association( NIA), Mr Ibidolapo Akin-wumi, has asked the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to refund the N50 billion ...
Nigeria: We Will Encourage NAICOM to Acquire More Companies --- Naicom
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The Loyalist Insurance Group Limited announces refiling of ... - Canada NewsWire (press release)

Thu, 05 Apr 2007 20:58:02 GMT

The Loyalist Insurance Group Limited announces refiling of ...
Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - 1 hour ago
The Loyalist Insurance Group Limited is a financial services holding company primarily involved, through its subsidiary in the retail insurance brokerage ...

Rep. Malik's bill calls for teachers to enroll in state health insurance plan (Barrington Times)

Thu, 05 Apr 2007 18:42:43 GMT
A pair of recently submitted bills are being pitched as money-savers for Rhode Island taxpayers. Rep. Jan Malik (D-Dist. 67, Warren, Barrington) is proposing legislation that requires school districts to participate in the state health insurance plan, not in a non-state plan.

A Great Article on Insurance

Student Health Insurance: Is Your Child Covered?

Watching your children fly from the nest is not an easy thing. Watching them stumble and fall in their quest for independence is even more difficult.

According to experts, at least 30 percent of young adults over the age of 19 have no health insurance. This puts their education and financial future at risk--and limits their chances of succeeding on their own.

So what can you, a seemingly helpless parent, do to help insure your college-bound student succeeds and thrives?

The Obvious Solution

The most obvious answer is student health insurance. When your children leave home, student health coverage can provide them the financial protection they need for those unexpected times of illness.

It picks up where you leave off by covering health and medical expenses during a vulnerable, transitional time in their lives. And it's a great way to keep your children sheltered when they need it most--in your absence.

In fact, young persons covered by student health insurance policies don't have to worry whether their insurance will pay for needed doctor visits or prescriptions; and they don't have to scramble to find a way to pay for health care when they're ill. They simply pick up the phone and call their doctor; grab their insurance card and go.

That brings a lot of security and peace of mind&mdashto parents and children alike.

The Options

If you're looking for health insurance coverage for your newly-independent student, you'll find several options available.

Family Health Plan Coverage

If you have a "major medical" or individual health plan purchased on your own, your child should be covered under your plan until the age of 19. Some states have increased this age limit to 25, as long as your child stays unmarried; attends school full-time; remains financially dependent and lives at home.

If, however, you're covered under an HMO (health maintenance organization), your child's medical care is normally covered only within your own health service area (except in the case of emergencies). If your child attends school outside this region, routine medical visits and procedures may not be covered.

If you're considering keeping your student on your own health policy, talk to your insurance provider to make sure coverage is available where your child will live. If so, the insurer can help your student find a doctor in the appropriate area; tell you what services are covered, and let you know their approximate cost.

University-Sponsored Health Insurance

Nearly all educational institutions now offer school-funded student health insurance policies. Prices are generally reasonable, costing less than $100 per month for a single student and around $200 for a married couple.

If your child receives financial aid or scholarship monies, most school-funded plans allow him or her to use these means to help pay for health insurance coverage. This provides a way for some students and their parents, who could otherwise not afford health care, to maintain much-needed coverage.

Individual Health Plans

If neither a family plan nor school-sponsored plan is available, your child should strongly consider purchasing an individual health policy of his or her own.

Although individual health insurance plans can be expensive, many insurers offer discounts to full-time students.

Insurance shopping services like can help your student find an individual health policy at an affordable price. You'll find them online at

American College Student Association (ACSA) Health Coverage

Another option unknown to many students and their parents is coverage through the ACSA. This organization offers health insurance, short-term insurance, study abroad coverage and dental insurance to students at any college or university.

If your student needs health coverage for the short term, ACSA health coverage may be just the ticket. Depending on the term selected, this type of policy may last from three months up to a year.

To contact the ACSA, call (888) 526-2272.

Making the Right Choice

Finding affordable student health insurance at a great price isn't always easy. But there's almost nothing as important when your children transition from home to school.

By spending time analyzing the options, you can make the right choice for your students--and keep them healthy and happy for years to come!
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