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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Aviation Insurance - The Basics

You should begin shopping around for aviation insurance at least six months before you are going to need it. Whether you are purchasing a new aircraft or fixing up a new one, you are going to need airline insurance. Start by checking around with friends who own planes to see which agency's they recommend, and checking out insurance plans different agencies have to offer.

After you narrow down you're choices you will want to call the agency's and watch out for a few things. Be careful of an agency that you have to call more than once, or that puts you on hold for a long time, because this could be a sign of what business with them will be like in the future. You also want to listen carefully to see how much knowledge this company has about flying and insurance. If the person you are talking to seems to be guessing at some of the answers they are giving you, go with your gut and check it out for yourself. If you find some of there answers were false, it's a good idea to look to another company. Now that you have finished investigating different agencies, you can make your decision on a company and an agent. You should make your decision at least 90 days before you need to purchase insurance. You should ask your agent to get quotes for you on different plans and then 30 days before you need the aircraft insurance, you should have everything basically planned out.

In the next 30 days you can fix any little details you need and ask different questions to your agent to make sure everything is planned out to fit your needs. As soon as you are satisfied you can ask you agent to start purchasing your insurance.

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Have been lurking about at your blog. Thanks for a great blog!

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