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Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Home Owner Insurance Tips

Each year in the United States, over one million new homes are built. Nearly all of these new homes will be covered by a home owner insurance policy. With the boom in construction ahs come a boom in homeowner insurance. Since a myriad of options are available now, a property owner needs to be quite careful while purchasing a policy. There are several key points that should be considered to ensure that your policy provides adequate coverage.

Before you start shopping for a policy, decide the coverage amount that you need. Remember, the value of the land should not be included in the amount of the home owner insurance policy that you plan to purchase. In the event of a disaster, the insurance company will not replace the land, only everything on the land that has been damaged. your policy, therefore, need not include the value of the land.

Deductibles play a crucial role in choice of a policy. Deductible is the amount of damages a person needs to pay before the insurance company is responsible for the cost of replacement. Higher deductibles are instrumental in lowering the premium rates. Only you can decide the right deductible amount for your situation.

Never give false information to acquire the insurance policy. This can land you in serious trouble. The best practice is to be true while obtaining a price quote and applying for insurance. Wrong information can lead to not only incorrect price quotes, but also a denial of coverage based upon falsifying information. You certainly wouldn't want your insurance company to deny your claim after your house has been destroyed by fire. Be honest, it will be worth it in the long run.

The price of the premium payments should not be the only factor in making your decision. Other factors such as the company's financial ratings and stability, its reputation in the market, customer service record, complaint index and items covered matter as much as price. Make sure you investigate these fully.

Also check if the agent offering the policy is licensed or not. It is in your interest to purchase a policy from licensed companies and agents. If an agent is willing to break the law by selling insurance without a license, how much value is that agent to you in the future?

It can often be difficult for people who reside in a high-risk zone to acquire home owner insurance. High-risk zones include areas prone to floods, hurricanes and other natural calamities, as well as areas where the crime rate is excessive. To get home owner insurance in these areas the best solution is to talk to neighbors. Ask where they purchased their insurance. You'll likely be able to find at least one good recommendation.

The majority of homeowner insurance policies cover personal items such as jewelry, fur, watches, silverware, valuable papers and securities etc. If you seek to have coverage apart from this, you'll have to fill out a Personal Articles Form. Speak with your agent about the coverage that is already there and about what additions you may require.

It is always a good idea to evaluate your insurance needs when it is time to renew your homeowner insurance policy. Check your personal details in the policy and see if it meets your current needs. If you require more coverage for any reasons, such as expensive items you've purchased within the past year, ask your agent to get your policy changed accordingly. It is always worthwhile to keep your home owner insurance policy up-to-date.

About the Author

Greg Roy is a widely recognized construction and real estate expert who specializes in environmentally friendly homes. To learn more about Home Owner Insurance, please visit his website at

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